Product Info:

In studies, peppermint has been shown to help improve mental agility and concentration. So now you and your students can have the benefits of peppermint during test taking. The #2 graphite writing cores we use in Smart Smencils are the same as those used in most common pencils and are acceptable for use on computer scanned test sheets.

School Administrators:

Order these peppermint Smart Smencils for the purpose of giving them to your students before taking their tests.

Fundraising Coordinators:

Use them as a fundraiser the same way our other products are used. (see the fundraising page for more info on fundraisers)

News Feature

Smart Smencils were featured on NBC News Channel 9 due to a study done by Wheeling Jesuit University. Click here to watch the video.

Smart Smencils Bucket

Reach your friends and family throughout your neighborhood selling Smart Smencils in-hand for cash on the spot.

  • Smart Smencils sell for $1.00 each.
  • Start off with one bucket per person selling.

Reach all of your friends and family throughout the country selling Smart Smencils online. Orders are shipped directly to your supporters so you don’t have to handle any product or cash. Just go to to get started today.

  • The newest way to raise funds with Smart Smencils.
  • Get real-time reports of all your sales.
  • Smart Smencils - Contain HB #2 graphite writing cores.

  • Smart Smencils - Each bucket comes with 50 Smart Smencils. All peppermint scented.

  • Smart Smencils - Made from 100% recycled newspapers.

Peppermint Smart Smencils: