Product Info:

Instead of us scenting the pencils, we’ll let you have all the fun. Inside each Smencils Mini Kits freshness tube there are two unscented recycled newspaper pencils and one scent applicator. The scent applicator contains the same gourmet liquid scent we use in our factory. You can use the scent applicator to brush the liquid scent onto the absorbent recycled newspaper pencils to make your own Smencils.


  • Mini Kits - Make your own Smencils.

  • Mini Kits - 20 kits per bucket. 5 each of the 4 scents.

  • Smencils Mini Kits

    Mini Kits - Made from 100% recycled newspapers.


Smencil Mini Kit Step 1

Take one of the scent applicators from your Smencils Mini Kit and squeeze it hard until you hear a pop.

Smencil Mini Kit Step 2

Continue squeezing the applicator to get liquid scent to flow through the felt tip onto the pencil, saturating it.

Smencil Mini Kit Step 3

Allow your Smencils to dry for one hour and then use or store in the Freshness Tubes.

Four Scents:

Bubble Gum




Toasted Marshmallow